Drip, Drip Culture, Drip Fashion in India!

Drip FashionIf this term and fashion are hauntingly new to you, Wrap Game has got you covered. Curious about “what is drip fashion?” Or tangled about how the drip culture seeped its way to India, this micro-blog is just what you need.

So, let’s go get a drip?

What is Drip?

Bobby Deol wearing drip | Animal movie

Each has its sense of fashion and hence, everyone will also define it in their own way. Similarly, Drip Fashion can certainly mean different things to different individuals, depending on their sense of style.

Like, Urban Dictionary defines “Drip” as “very swag and cool”.

A ‘drip’ is what’s new in style. You can’t put your finger on it, but there is something about a person’s looks, outfit, or fashion that draws you in.

What is Drip Fashion/Drip Culture?

Medium defines Drip Culture as A trendy and fashionable style, often associated with an individual's outfit and overall appearance.”

If we had to take a shot at defining the drip culture, we would say that it is a blend of a cool outfit, some fire (mostly heavy and chunky) jewellery that you choose to express yourself, and confidence

Because, let’s be serious, when does that go out of style?

Now if you're wondering "what Drip Culture signifies?"

Let's just say drip culture is almost synonymous for "pop culture" - because this is what's trending. This new drip culture is also a powerful tool for many to express themselves whether it is their gender identity or a stance, a cool drip is what you need to make people understand what YOU are all about!

Drip Culture In India

Drip Culture In India | Bappi Lahiri and Elvis Presley wearing drip

As GenZ is growing up, they are coming up with their idea of fashion and Drip. That is why you will notice the Drip culture in India seems to be relatively new.

In the early 2010s, we could only see the Indian Rapping legends (Yo Yo Honey Singh, Badshah, etc) wearing Drips, majorly including a lot of heavy and chunky jewellery and baggy outfits but it is safe to say that the propagator of the Drip culture in India was the Legendary Bappi Lehri. 

And who inspired him? The great Elvis Presley! Because no one can stop falling in love with him.

After him, the legendary Punjabi singer, Jazzy B, was the one who brought forward the drip culture with him. Since then, we can see emerging rappers like Emiway and MC Stan as the representatives of Drip Culture in the Indian Rapping industry.

As fashion has become more and more accessible and affordable, the youth are excited to try their hand at their drip! So, as we explore this new drip culture together, tell us what your take is. AND are you ready to join the "Blingster Force" and join Wrapgame's Drip community?

Comment down below what your favourite part of Drip Culture is! You can also reach out to us on Instagram (@wrapgame_india) via your comment and we'll send you a customized "Welcome to the fam" package!

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